High Performance Vehicle.

Leave it to Big Power Racing to give you the best possible result.

Superchargers & Nitrous Kits

We specialize in offering quality superchargers and nitrous kits, which enable your engine to produce more power by supplying more oxygen. No matter what engine you have, we’ll provide a solution that suits your car. That’s why we have both wet and dry nitrous kits. Both superchargers and nitrous kits are some of the most reliable methods for when you need an extra boost during a race.


Forced Induction

We offer various methods of forced induction, with our reputable superchargers being the most popular choice among our customers. However, we also offer turbochargers as an alternative.

Fuel Systems

Your race car only deserves the best, modern fuel system to perform at maximum efficiency. Let us expertly customize a fuel system specifically to your beloved car.


To better serve you, we have a wide range of headers available in numerous different styles. They’re all designed to enhance the performance of your car’s engine by pushing out exhaust gases.

Head & Cam Packages

You can count on our head and cam packages to give you the greatest reliability and performance. They’ll enhance your car to produce more power when you need it.


We can create a race car from scratch for you, completely to your specifications and requirements. Trust in us to make your dreams a reality with a high quality, well-built race car.

Roll Cages

Keep yourself safe with an expertly manufactured roll cage. Should your car ever roll over, the roll cage will fully protect you from being injured. We offer a full variety of designs that can suit any car.

Custom Chassis

Let us easily change the structure of your race car’s body with a complete custom chassis. A new framework can enhance your race car to perform better than ever before.

General Repair

Besides services specifically for race cars, we offer general repairs and maintenance like oil changes and tune-ups. Never underestimate how important it is to keep your everyday car in good condition too.


Custom Exhaust

For better performance and greater power, you’ll want to go with our custom exhaust services. We’ll have every part necessary, ranging from exhaust tips to pipes, to tailor a system to your car. Big Power Racing is ready to craft a personalized design that will give your vehicle the exciting sound you’re looking for. However, we could also make an exhaust system that will operate quietly. Our professionals will be able to meet all of your needs.


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